Vehicles Verification in Pakistan

Check vehicle verification, registration, and ownership details of vehicles in Pakistan online. Our website allows you to check vehicle data for all provinces of Pakistan.

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Islamabad: Check vehicle registration and ownership details for Islamabad. Free vehicle registration check in Capital of Pakistan.

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KPK: Check vehicle registration and ownership details for Khyber Pakhtunkhwa . Free vehicle registration check in KPK.

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Punjab: Check vehicle registration and ownership details for Punjab.
Free online vehicle registration check Punjab.

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Sindh: Check vehicle registration and ownership details for Sindh . Free vehicle registration check online in Capital of Pakistan.

Online Vehicles Verification in Pakistan

It would surprise anyone how much better life has been as a result of technical advancement. Nowadays, everything is digitalized. Looking ahead to this revolution, Verification of Vehicles online would offer one of the most critical aspects of life regarding Vehicles; every second person in the society owns a car or is legally entitled to one.

This website is concerned with Online Vehicles Verification in Pakistan. You will able to find information online for all types of vehicle verification from wherever you are if you have a smart phone and an internet connection.

If you are planning to buy a car or have already got it transferred into your name and want to confirm its ownership, then you have come to the right place here. This website facilitates to go over the entire process of checking car registration online in Pakistan from the comfort of your home rather than going on long distances to visit the entire offices and stand in the long lines.

Sometimes, in the harsh weather conditions during the summer especially in the lower parts of Pakistan. It does not only reduce the traveling but also save the expenses on such things.

It is no longer necessary to attend government offices in Pakistan and wait in lengthy lines to verify your vehicle's registration; instead, it is now simple to do it online.

How so? The federal and provincial governments have now digitized all car registration and paperwork data, supporting the concept of e-governance in the country by making the most use of the newest technology resources such as high-speed internet and diverse digital platforms. As a result, online vehicle verification is currently accessible in three of Pakistan's provinces: Sindh, Punjab, and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

So, whether you are planning to purchase or have just purchased a vehicle, then you can easily connect with the concerned Excise and Taxation Department of the concerned area with one click of your finger from this website. You can either use a smart mobile phone to check the entire record of the vehicle you are having or buying from someone in order to avoid scammed and fraud.

The world is rapidly evolving digitally, and in the coming days, people from all walks of life will be a part of the internet. Similarly, the entire Pakistani vehicle registration system has been converted online, making life easier for owners than it was previously.

Millions of people having a vehicle in the country that needs to be registered with the respective Excise and Taxation Department of Pakistan with relevant documentation. It is necessary having the registration of automobiles in each area of Pakistan. Every person of the nation needs to register his/her car with the government of Pakistan through the concerned department.

With the accessibility of cutting edge online stages set up by the Excise and Taxation Departments in Sindh, Punjab, an Pakhtunkhwa, presently you can without much of a stretch confirm a wide range of vehicles through your versatile and PC screens including vehicles, cruisers, three-wheelers, vans, cars, trucks, transport just as business and mechanical vehicles.

Thus, presently we should take a glance at the stride-by-step cycle to confirm vehicle ownership online in Pakistan.

Above all else, you need to visit your ideal web address, contingent upon the territory you live in. Sites for online vehicle check-in Pakistan for every one of the territories has been recorded as under:

If you have recently purchased a vehicle and want to get it registered, then don’t forget to go through our site on the process of vehicle registration in Pakistan to clear all your confusion regarding the documents and procedure involved.

If you live in one of these two cities, you may also visit our website about the car transfer procedures in Karachi and Islamabad. Each part of the country has a different procedure how to register the vehicles and the verification system goes.

Vehicles verification website is intended to safeguard customers from fraud and dangerous vehicles as well as prevent the release of stolen cars. This website will facilitate the visitor with all the relevant information about the verification and prevent title fraud and other crimes.

The Government of Pakistan's online vehicle verification system is for determining Vehicle Registration Details and verifying all necessary information for cars throughout Pakistan.

The MTMIS Online system would aid in the maintenance of records for many areas of car taxation and motor vehicle legislation, such as integrated computerization of motor vehicle registrations, motor vehicle examinations, route permits, and fitness certificates, issuance of driving licenses, traffic rule, and regulation enforcement, and criminal record automation.

Which part of Pakistan has the facility of online vehicle Verification?

The four provinces Punjab, Sindh, Islamabad and Khyber PukhtunKhaw have this opportunity for the moment. If you are located in the above-mentioned provinces for purchasing or selling a vehicle, then you don’t need to go to the concerned office and unfortunately saying that facing the ill behavior official of our country.

Unfortunately, the Excise and Taxation Department for vehicle verification in Baluchistan is not yet operational, although all other provinces have one.

How does it work?

The system is really simple to use. You just input the registration number of the vehicle you're looking for, and the system searches the data in response to your question. When you request information on a certain automobile or bike, the following information is presented.

  • Date of Registration
  • The model year
  • Engine identification number
  • Name of the owner (company or an individual)
  • Tax paid up to that point or tax owed from that point
  • Vehicle body design

Benefits of Online Verification of Vehicle

Online Verification of Vehicles, the initiative is an incredible idea in terms of saving the public's time and money, as well as the trouble of traveling to the Excise and Taxation Department to sort out such crucial information. The bulk of the globe has witnessed the transition from manual to online databases. It's wonderful to see Pakistan the following suit.

  • Assist in reducing bother, increasing transparency, and enabling quick communication from the central database.
  • Governing the registration of on-road motor vehicles
  • Improves the delivery of public services
  • Increase in revenue.
  • Other agencies and people can utilize this as a hub.

Finally, the information provided above can be quite useful, especially if there is a problem with outstanding tokens or taxes when purchasing or selling a car.

Such unanticipated expenses might raise the overall cost of the vehicle. Luxury automobile tokens and taxes are already fairly costly. You may also examine the possible duplication of a vehicle's number plates, or whether the car has not been vetted by security services, thus the information provided above is critical.


In conclusion, the information you obtain from this online verification system can be extremely useful to you, especially if you are selling or purchasing a vehicle. It alerts you in advance if there are any issues with unpaid taxes or tokens.

If you are not aware of this expense in advance, you may be required to spend additional funds after purchasing the vehicle. Taxes and tokens are extremely high, especially for luxury vehicles, so this process can save the day for you. As a result you will confident having a legal vehicle buying or selling.