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Online Vehicle Verification Islamabad

Excise and Taxation Department Partnership with NADRA, and MTMIS the Islamabad administration has also introduced doorstep services. You can use this service to verify your new vehicles at your home within Islamabad's city limits.

At government agencies, we all dislike the interminable lines and long wait times. People may now verify and register their vehicles from the comfort of their own homes, due to science and technology. As we mentioned on our website in all the provinces of Pakistan introduced online vehicle verification to facilitate the citizen.

Things have become smoother, easier, and less time-consuming thanks to the online car verification system. We'll walk you through the online verification process in this article.

As the other parts of the country Excise and Taxation Department Islamabad the Federal Capital has online verification of vehicles as well. If you are living in Islamabad would be pleased to know about this amazing facility.

Without a doubt, unlike other provinces and cities, the Federal Capital would provide unique services. Though, as you could expect, the registration, verification, and other such services will be more expensive than the normal services.

The only thing you need to do is stay up to speed on the department's terms and policies as a dedicated community member who follows the laws and regulations.

Apart from that, if you want to buy or sell a car, you must keep all of the needed documents legally, according to the state's guidance.

How to Verify Vehicle Online in Islamabad?

How and where could this process continue if you are uninformed of the procedure? Don't worry, we'll give you all the information and instructions you need to validate your vehicle on your phone or computer. Don't forget to read this page for the complete procedure.

You must log in to the online verification portal on the Excise and Taxation Department of Islamabad's website (we will supply you with the link on this page) and follow the instructions step by step. Whether you're a buyer or a seller, you'll have all the information you need about your car in minutes.

What information I would be able to find in the portal about vehicles?

1.       Visit the Excise and Taxation Department's official website in Islamabad.

2.       As soon as the website is opened, a box will display on the screen.

3.       You will be directed to the Registration Number query box.

4.       Enter your registration number and press the search button

What kind of information will be available in the online Portal?

1.       The online portal will then display the following information to you:

2.       Registration Date,

3.       Model Year,

4.       Engine Number,

5.       Owner’s Name (Individual or Company),

6.       Tax paid or tax due,

7.       Vehicle body type,

8.       and Final remarks

Contact Details of Online Vehicle Verification Islamabad

Address HEC building, Service Road East, Near H 9/4, Islamabad

Telephone# 051-90395386/ 051-2775386

Email: [email protected]


Finally, we are delighted to provide you with all of the above information, which we are confident, will be useful to you when the time comes to buy or sell a vehicle. Keep an eye on this site for more stuff like this. If you require information about other provinces (except Baluchistan), please visit our website