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Online Vehicle Verification KPK:

Coming to the KPK province of Pakistan vehicle verification needs to be much updated because some parts of this province have access to Non-Custom Paid. In this case, dealing here with a dealer in buying and selling a vehicle is not without risk. Several fraudulent cases occurred in this part. The online Vehicle verification system with the advent of the internet made us easier to deal with now. Although still there is a high risk dealing in vehicles in some parts of this very province.

In partnership with excise and taxes agency MTMIS KPK also operates as a motor registration authority, the objective was to publish the whole vehicle registration data online —accessible to the public. MTMIS Website might also help to prevent fraudulent trades and exchange of stolen autos.

Instead of this the website of Khyber PukhtunKhaw Excise and Taxation itself does not guarantee as well we are going to provide you the same disclaimer from their site exactly as it is here.


“KPK Excise and Taxation Department give this site as a support of its customers/clients, web endorsers, online peruses, and the local area utilizing the World Wide Web (WWW). All data contained on this site isn't expected to deliver lawful exhortation. While the data on this site might be refreshed occasionally, extra realities or future turns of events/changes/alterations may influence the substance of the site and no assurance is given that the data gave is right, finished, or forward-thinking. KPK Excise Department accepts no risk or duty regarding any mistakes or oversights in the substance of this site and it doesn't mirror the validity of the vehicle or its archives/data. Data situated on the site may not mirror the current lawful or verifiable situation in regard to specific in respect to any particular matter’’.

Anyhow, the Khyber PukhtunKhaw Excise and Taxation Department has facilitated the citizen’s online vehicle verification KPK system throughout the province. If you are local of this province provides online verification for buying or selling a car avoid visiting the offices. As usual with a single click on your smartphone will display all the required data for your confirmation.

The appearing results may contain the following information:

1.       Owner Details Registration

2.       Details Vehicle Information

3.       Chassis Number

4.       Engine Number

5.       Year of Registration

6.       Company Name

7.       Vehicle Model

8.       Tax Payment Detail

9.       Engine Capacity

Where and how can I find all this information?

As the other province of Pakistan KPK Excise and Taxation Department has its own website you have to log in and check the data of the vehicle while buying or selling. is here to help to provide all the information to make sure you’re easily accessible.

Details Khyber PukhtunKhaw Excise and Taxation Department Pakistan

Contact # 091-9212260

Address Shami Road Bashirabad Peshawar, Khyber PukhtunKhaw


Finally, stay tuned with Vehicleverification.pkfor the latest updates we are busy round the clock with our customer's services. Our services are always branded and valid that are taken from the real sources of the concerned department to avoid discrepancies. We are confident to bring you the updated information mentioned by the Excise and Taxation all over Pakistan where the online verification is available. We would appreciate your suggestion for future development.